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Proudly Sponsored By Male Behavioral Health

We firmly believe that men and boys have a role to play in making the world a more equitable and just place to live.

More than 15 years of experience
Engaged more than 3,000 Males in 2021
Corporate & Community Partners & Sponsors 50

What we think, we become

Our Mission

Changing Our World By Focusing On Men and Boys

Our mission is to grow stronger communities by focusing on the unique opportunities of working with men and boys in our society. We offer quality trainings, research, evaluation reports, and a wide variety of experiences for individuals, groups, and organizations to increase their knowledge and skills for working with males.

Be a confident man

Our Vision

Building Stronger Communities By Focusing On Men and Boys

At the Center For Men & Boys, we have a vision that in the 21st Century, all men and boys can be engaged in community life, educated to respond to the challenges of a changing world, and participate in health and mental health practices that promote the safety and well-being of themselves and women and girls.


Our Initiatives:


BLACK GIRL DAD WEEK is a week of activities & events designed to create memories of black men supporting black women and girls. Research demonstrates that strong father-daughter relationships lead to happier and healthier women. The presence of supportive fathers in a daughter’s life can have a huge impact on a girl’s self-esteem , academic and career success, and relationships. Black Girls & Black Women want and need Fathers & Partners in their lives.

Our Initiatives

Our Research, Evaluation & Training

Assisting Professionals Develop Competencies Working With Men and Boys

We provide evidence-based research, program evaluation, and quality trainings to increase the competencies of professionals who work with men and boys.

There’s hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t

Main Pillars

The Center For Men & Boys has 3 Pillars:


Social Welfare

Building a community of practice around men’s issues.


Ending Violence Against Women

Community organizing and collaborations to develop and promote anti-violence initiatives.


Research, Evaluation & Trainings

Continuing education and training in areas like Education, Employment, Health, & Civic Engagement.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Events sponsored by Center For Men & Boys bring together a wide array of individuals from educators, clinicians, intellectuals, artists and authors, to discuss their work and topics that are important to the needs of men and boys in the U.S. and worldwide.

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